PAe - new monthly bulletin on indicators relevant OBSAE
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New monthly bulletin on indicators relevant OBSAE

17 september 2021

The OBSAE launches a new monthly newsletter, in pdf format and Excel, with the latest data available on the E-government.

The Observatory of E-government (OBSAE) issued from this month and a monthly basis a new bulletin of relevant indicators with those highlights E-government in Spain, collected between prepared by the Observatory itself, as well as by third parties. This newsletter is available in format and XLSX prosecutable in PDF format, which includes data tables, numerous graphs and tables, which are independent of the most relevant data, and are also offers segmented information by age, sex, studies, organizational structure, type of application, etc.

So far offered a newsletter of the most relevant data in format and xlsx ods on a quarterly basis; with this new bulletin is you want to make known to citizens, enterprises and Public Administrations, in a clear and transparent manner, the evolving E-government in Spain with updated information to the last day of the month prior to publication.

OBSAE indicators, which were launched in 2011, analyzing the introduction and use of E-government and ict in public administrations. These indicators are grouped in areas where information is given to electronic services provided to citizens, enterprises and to various administrations.

You can download the news bulletins in the following links:

The newsletters were also published in english version:

It will be available every month in the section Relevant indicators OBSAE (Opens in new window) .

For more detail on all indicators of electronic administration services provided by the SGAD available DATAOBSAE (Opens in new window) .

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