PAe - referral service to Justice of Inside almost reaches 123,000 files
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The referral service to Justice of Inside almost reaches 123,000 files

04 october 2021

Inside, as a service of management of electronic documents and records in line with the ENI, among its services allows the referral of cases to Justice.

As detailed in the general principles of law 40/2015, of 1 october, from The Legal Regime of the public Sector, reflects the interoperability between the principles of action of the public administrations, so that these will relate to one another through electronic means. This principle is developed in the Royal Decree 4/2010, of 8 january (Opens in new window) where regulates the spanish national scheme for interoperability.
Also at the law 18/2011, of 5 july (Opens in new window) , regulating the use of information and communication technologies in the administration of justice, cover the judicial records and electronic telematics.
Inside it is a system for managing documents and electronic records that meets the requirements for that both could be stored and/or available according to the ENI that scheme, which sets the ground rules for the exchange and storage of documents and records management and integrated electronic interconnection services with the administration of justice and in general, with other administrations.
In this context since the service Inside we offer referral to justice, which has accumulated at present the 122.770 referrals. Shown below detail to destinations around the most recent referrals.
More information in the resolution Inside of CTT
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