PAe - twelve sets of highlights of the General state administration
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Twelve sets of highlights of the General state administration

15 october 2021

Thanks to the efforts of the 160 organizations that publish data on the continental datos.gob.es, the german national open data has reached 50,000 sets of data published.

Among the data set published, we find datasets published by all levels of administration (state, regional and local levels), divided into 22 categories defined in the thematic Technical Standard interoperability (Opens in new window) ( NTI ), as; Public Sector (Opens in new window) , Society and welfare (Opens in new window) , Environment (Opens in new window) or Economy (Opens in new window) .

In this article is a small zoom in on some of these datasets published by organizations belonging to the General state administration (known as AGE ), based on three criteria:

  • Data that receive a greater number of visits
  • Data and high-value-referential.
  • Data with a high potential for reuse.

Most respondents

The catalog data recorded on average more than 100,000 hits per month during the past year. These are some examples of those who receive more visits.

  1. Price of fuel in the spanish petrol stations (Opens in new window)
  2. Evolution of disease by the coronavirus (COVID-19) (Opens in new window)
  3. Common directory of Organizational Units and offices (DIR3) (Opens in new window)
  4. Recording of telecommunication Numbering (Opens in new window)
  5. SIU (Urban information system). Data charts on soil types, areas of urban development and degrees of development (Opens in new window)
  6. Geographical information reference population (Opens in new window)
  7. ZESIS - Zoning sismogénica Iberia (Opens in new window)
  8. Natural systems of the natural parks (Opens in new window)
  9. Directory press archives and libraries of Spain (Opens in new window)
  10. Database of administrative divisions of Spain (Opens in new window)
  11. Status of the drought and water scarcity in hydrographic boundaries of the Guadalquivir, Ceuta and Melilla (Opens in new window)
  12. Resident population by date, gender, generation, nationality and place of birth (Opens in new window)

This is only a small sampling of some of the datasets  available, but in the National catalogue open database (Opens in new window) you can find many more.

There are currently 160 publishing partners: 83 belonging to the General state administration, 17 autonomous communities, 44, 11 local universities and 1 private entity. In Addition, there are five state institutions that do not fall within those categories, such as the Parliament of the canary islands.

The agencies more data published in the catalogue are autonomous authorities (45 per cent), followed by the state (32 per cent) and local (15 per cent), as shown in the following figure: More information can be obtained through the catalogue of table of command (Opens in new window) .

Figure circular explained in the previous paragraph

Original source of data: 12 sets of highlights of the General state administration | datos.gob.es (Opens in new window)

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