PAe - Month european cyber security (ECSM)
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Month european cyber security (ECSM)

05 october 2021

The edition 2021, “ Think before clicking ”, aims to raise awareness of users on potential risks of cybersecurity and promote security in line between eu citizens

Each month of october from 2013 marks the Month of the European Cyber Security, organized by the european commission and the european agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the threat of cyber security, promote cybersecurity among citizens and organizations and provide resources to protect themselves in the network through education and the exchange of good practices.

The edition held this 2021 has as its motto, “ think before clicking ” (“ Think Before Or Click "# ThinkB4UClick) and will focus on two topics: “ Be ciberseguro at home ” and “ First Aid, guides to find out what to do if the victim of a cyber attack ”. An issue that is of particular relevance in the new context of digital transformation because of the pandemic that has forced many people to work in an online. The main objectives of the campaign of 2021 are to ensure that users and organizations are well informed on the potential risks of cybersecurity and help them develop a basic understanding about the types of security and privacy online.

Through the website of the Month european cyber security 2021 (Opens in new window) the user may access to an interactive map of Europe with the services of each member state and where you can register if you have been victims of cyber attacks such as online fraud, identity theft, theft of bank accounts or social networking hackeo. Furthermore, the campaign 2021 will have a questionnaire on cybersecurity published in the site where the user can test their knowledge in cyber threats and learn to recognize them.

The Month european cyber security is part of the annual campaign of the european union dedicated to promoting cyber security between citizens and organizations and to provide updated information on security and prevention online. Each year, throughout the month of october, hundreds of activities are carried out throughout europe, including conferences, workshops, trainings, webinars and presentations with the aim of promoting digital security. A campaign open to companies, organizations and Academic staff wishing to organize events relating to cyber security.

More information on activities and logging in cyber-european in its web site: https :// cybersecuritymonth.eu/ (Opens in new window)

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