PAe - joining the network system of registers (SIR) of the spanish Public Universities
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Joining the network system of registers (SIR) of the spanish Public Universities

28 july 2021

During this year, eight new public universities have been incorporated into SIR through the implementation of the register GEISER.

As set out in article 16 Law 39/2015 of 1 october, of common administrative procedure (Opens in new window) , each administration will be an electronic record in the entry of all documents were submitted or may be received in any Administrative body. In this article, states that “ the electronic registers of each and every administrations, shall be fully interoperable, so as to ensure their compatibility computing and networking, as well as the transmission telematics of registration and documents submitted in any of the rows ”. As is well known, the Public Universities fall within the scope of this law 39/2015.

Furthermore, the principle of cooperation, collaboration and coordination, as referred to in article 3 Law 40/2015, of 1 october, from The Legal Regime of the public Sector (Opens in new window) the Convention establishes as an instrument with legal effects on the formalisation of agreements between administrations for a common purpose. It is through the signature of a cooperation agreement, as articulated the legal mechanism that allows you to enable use of GEISER for these Universities.

In the following charts, shows the breakdown of current situation SIR the 50 Public Universities:

Figure of the situation of the Public Universities in sirt In evidence: (4), (7), Another Moment I (9) Geiser (30)

Figure circular: Not in SIR (39), in SIR (11)

And it is hoped that, throughout the year 2021, the conclusion of the process of incorporating the that remain, and interest shown by the same since the beginning of the project and the coordination work done by the CRUE (Opens in new window) .

More information in the resolution SIR of the PTT

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