PAe - new version of the solution of CCN-CERT ANA
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New version of the solution of CCN-CERT ANA

12 february 2021


In the new version of the solution of automation and Standardisation of audits (ANA) includes new features and improvements, both for Central and ANA ANA On-Premise.

On the one hand, it is a clear solution ANA (Opens in new window) sanctions, as a new module that will monitor compliance with the state of and vulnerabilities of the teams of the organization. In addition, it also includes ANA-Implementaciones module, which allows for the follow-up to the process of accreditation systems. All this information is treated in a new Dashboard oriented to the assessment and management of the surface of exposure.

From now on, with this new version, and you can import information of the analysis of vulnerabilities made with the tool Nessus also import network analysis from the tool Nmap. It has improved the import of assets from a client CMDB include components associated with such assets.

In this new version of ANA, also incorporates other features designed to facilitate the management of the solution, as well as the management of audits and vulnerabilities of the assets of an infrastructure:

  • LDAP integration with services in the management of accesses to the tool (version On-Premise).
  • Trash that lets you recover assets, components and findings removed.
  • Instant management information, individualized by workspace.
  • Context help.
  • Possibility to communicate the resolution of vulnerabilities from the views of the dashboard, as well as supervise the resolution from the management of audits.
  • Useful to review and adopt new vulnerabilities associated with the assets and components as a result of upgrading the database of NIST.

The new version includes improvements in the transfer of assets, components and findings from audits; in the form of CPEs, for the introduction of new components; in the information provided about services in court aimed at impact analysis in the business (BIA); and in the audit of the actions taken by users on its area of work, which can be consulted by the user.

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