PAe - REGAGE, the unique Electronic Registration of the General state administration
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REGAGE, the unique Electronic Registration of the General state administration

22 april 2021

Since 2 april, REGAGE is for the AGE of the unique Electronic Register as required by law 39/2015.

REGAGE it is the book of the Electronic Register of the General state administration. In It, should be recorded all registration points made in the area of the General state administration and public bodies and entities under public law associated or dependent; as set out in article 16 of law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.

It is understood by the mere registration point in the book of records of the basic data (number, date and time, type of point, etc.) the entry or exit from any writing, application or communication.

In REGAGE these annotations the carried out both the home-grown solutions as other information systems of the General state administration involving inputs or outputs of documentation in the administration. Typically, such other information systems are often electronic services at Headquarters or other Electronic sectoral in nature, such as those made by the service of Invoice (FACe) or by registration in Targeted Evidence (IPS).


Sistemas verticales de la AGE que solo precisan anotación registral: Facturae, Corinto, Acceda, etc

During this year 2021, it is estimated that REGAGE store more than 3,500,000 of annotations registration per month. It is expected that this number will rise as new services.

The annotation service consultation and REGAGE gives integrators through Web services.

You can find more information in the resolution regage of the PTT

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