PAe - available 9th edition of the Sector of ASEDIE Infomediario a 6.4% growth
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Available the 9th edition of the Sector of ASEDIE Infomediario a 6.4% growth

26 april 2021

In this report, the Multisectoral Partnership information (ASEDIE), analyses the real value, economic and social data reutilizadoras from the public sector and/or private sectors to develop value-added products.

At the 9th edition of this report (Opens in new window) se han analizado 700 empresas, que muestran un sector estable. En concreto, en el año 2019 Infomediario Sector grew by 6.4 per cent, an evolution over that of the Gross Domestic Product, which was 3.4 per cent.

Además, arroja datos acerca de cómo las empresas infomediarias cerraron el año 2019 con un volumen de ventas d and more than some 2,543 millions of euros and offering employment to almost 22,000 employees .

Then desglosamos the key lessons learned of the report:

  • 3 sectors continue to focus the bulk of the activity, stressing the geographic information. Most companies infomediarias specialise in “ geographic information systems ” (24 per cent), “ market ” (21 per cent) and the subsector “ economic and financial ” (18 per cent).
  • Half of the subsectors gather 85% of total sales. The Geographic Information Systems with more than 600 million euros billing (23.6 per cent).
  • The 61 per cent of enterprises infomediarias consulted use IA to create value-added products or as a tool. The 70 per cent of respondents claim that they used to recycle the data for internal use, compared with 30 per cent indicated that the external use is exclusively.
  • More than half of the companies are located in the community of Madrid (38 per cent), catalonia (13 per cent) and Andalucía (11 per cent). As in previous years, the Sector Infomediario is represented in all the autonomous communities.
  • Almost 40 per cent of infocommunication companies have been created in the past 10 years. The average age is 16 years, with Editorial el subsector more longevity and Tourism subsector the youngest.
  • La media de empleados por empresa del Sector Infomediario asciende a 37 to reach 21.988 workers. Al igual que en la facturación, el subsector que presenta una cifra más alta es el de “información geográfica” con un 30,5% del total.
  • The aggregate subscribed capital exceeds eur 310 million almost 11 million more than in the previous edition. In addition, three more are capitalized subsectors “ market ”, “ economic and financial ” and geographic information.
  • All subsectors have 65 per cent or more companies in benefits. As in previous years, the net benefit generated has exceeded $125 million euros.
  • El análisis de datos y la apertura de nuevas bases de datos destacan esta vez como los principales retos del Sector Infomediario , followed closely by digitalisation. For its part, the lack of a “ culture ” and of the poor quality of human rights are among the barriers to access and reuse of information.

Datos de la imagen incluidos en el texto de la noticia

The report (Opens in new window) includes a review of the situation of the Top 3 Asedie (Opens in new window) the initiative, ASEDIE (Opens in new window) to promote that all the autonomous communities complete opening of three sets of data - cooperatives, associations and foundations - in keeping with a unified criteria to facilitate their reuse. Currently, are already 15 communities that have open at least two of the three databases proposals (Opens in new window) .

The document concludes with several success stories of businesses infomediarias and examples of products and services, such as Directory innovative enterprises of Infoempresa Spain (Opens in new window) the use or Iberimform is making IBM Watson (Opens in new window) .

The report (Opens in new window) is available on the website of Asedie in english and spanish, and soon will be available in french. It also has available the video of the submission of the report (Opens in new window) .

In conclusion, we are faced with a health sector , que presenta un crecimiento destacado. Aunque el 74% de los encuestados creen que la pandemia afectará directamente a la evolución del Sector este año, el hecho de que  e l 96 per cent of respondents used for creating your products or value-added services confidence in a positive prospects in the long term.

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