PAe - La Comisión propone nuevas normas y acciones destinadas a convertir a Europa en el centro mundial de inteligencia artificial (IA) confiable
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The commission is proposing new rules and actions aimed at turning europe into the global centre of artificial intelligence (IA) reliable

23 april 2021

Las nuevas normas se aplicarán directamente de la misma manera en todos los Estados miembros sobre la base de una definición futura de IA

The combination of the first legal framework on IA and a new Coordinated Plan with the member states will ensure the safety and the fundamental rights of individuals and businesses, and will strengthen the recruitment of IA, investment and innovation throughout the eu. this approach Is complemented with rules to enhance user confidence in the new and diverse generation of outputs of the IA. The aim is to embed sector in this powerful european principles and values, exploit its opportunities and to restrict its uses more pernicious. The new rules will apply directly to the same way in each member state on the basis of a future definition of IA.

The Commissioner on the internal market, Thierry Breton she has declared "The: AI it is a means, not an end. Has existed for decades, but it has reached new capabilities thanks to the computer power. This offers a huge potential Areas as diverse as health, transport, energy, agriculture, tourism or cyber security. It also presents a number of risks. Today's proposals aim to strengthen the position of europe as a global centre of excellence in IA from the laboratory to the market, to ensure that the IA en Europa respete nuestros valores y reglas y aprovechar el potencial de la IA for industrial use ".

The commission is proposing to prohibit artificial intelligence for those uses high-risk "" in which this technology is used for the "indiscriminate surveillance applied across the board to all individuals without differentiation". Also prohibit the application of artificial intelligence to manipulate human behavior, or use in predictive systems that seek to exploit the vulnerabilities of persons.

In addition, limited in other cases if they are not met a number of standards systems. IA identified as high risk will be subject to strict obligations before that can be traded; the limited risk, have specific transparency obligations (for example chatbots) and the regulation will not intervene in the minimum risk that these systems of IA represent only a minimal or no risk to human or the security of citizens (such as video games or spam filters).

In addition, voluntary codes of conduct for the IA high-risk, as well as sandboxes regulations to facilitate innovation responsible

The Coordinated Plan on IA

This plan will use the funding allocated to programmes Europe and Europe Digital Horizon as well as the Mechanism for the recovery and resilience which provides for a digital target of spending 20%, and cohesion policy programmes, to:

  • To create conditions for the development and acceptance of the IA through the exchange of information
  • Promoting excellence in the IA establishing an association público-privada.
  • Ensure that the IA work for people and is a force for good in society to be at the forefront of development and deployment of the IA of confidence.
  • Build strategic leadership in sectors and technologies.

The european approach of the new product

The product cover a wide range of consumer products and professional robots, since until mowers, 3D printers, building machines, industrial production lines. This new regulation of machinery will ensure the safety of users and consumers and promote innovation in the new generation of machinery. Companies will have to make a single conformity assessment.

Next steps

The european parliament and the member states should adopt the proposals of the commission on a european approach of artificial intelligence and products of machinery in the ordinary legislative procedure. Once adopted, the Regulation will be directly applicable in the whole UE . In parallel, the commission will continue to work with member states to implement the actions announced in the coordinated Plan.

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