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New version of THUS (v2.2.0)

07 May 2020

La aplicación ASSI se ha adaptado a Cl[@]ve Autenticación v2 e incluye el Módulo 1 del Proceso de Autoevaluación/Auditoría conjunta o no del Esquena Nacional de Seguridad y normativa de Protección de Datos de los Sistemas de Información y Tratamientos de Datos Personales de una Unidad.

  • ASSI is an application that allows:
    • Adaptation to RGPD and LOPD-GDD de los Responsables de Tratamientos de Datos Personales mediante la cumplimentación de una serie de cuestionarios por cada tratamiento de datos personales del que es responsable, lo que le proporciona:
      • The Registration treatment activities.
      • For each treatment of personal data:
        • The collection of descriptive data of treatment and reasoned justification.
        • The realization of a risk analysis and impact assessment that allows THUS propose a set of actions ENS to protect it (Measures ENS Type I or actions ENS Type (II).
        • Revision of all aspects of policy indicated by the RGPD and LOPD-GDD .
        • Clauses proposal informative and consent.
        • Indication if necessary to make an impact assessment of data protection Widespread following the model established by the AEPD in https :// www.aepd.es/media/guides/Modelo-informe-EIPD-AAPP.rtf
    • The realization of a process of self-evaluation/joint audit or not Esquena of national security and data protection regulations on all the information systems and treatments of personal data of a unit. This Process consists of four modules:
      • Module 1. Launch of the Self-assessment process and setting the scope of the same.
      • Module 2. Self-assessment process.
      • Module 3. Auditing process.
      • Module 4. Analysis of the Self/Audits, reports, etc.

In this new version of THUS has adapted the application to Cl[@]ve Autenticación v2 and included the Module 1 the process of self-evaluation/Audit.

You can find more information on ASSI in the PAe


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