PAe - Published the report “ Digital Society in Spain 2019 ”
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The report was published “ Digital Society in Spain 2019 ”

27 may 2020

A further year, the report “ Digital Society in Spain ” sees the light of day packed with analysis, data and indicators describing the status of spanish society in relation to the media, uses and digital services.

The the report “ Digital Society in Spain 2019 ” (Opens in new window) , edited by fundación telefónica, draws a panorama that reflects the status of deployment of the telecommunications infrastructure, the level of implementation of the most avant-garde technologies, the state of the art of digital life spaniards, and the degree of development in this field with the autonomous communities.

Spain is in the fourth revolution based on the digitization and the data. A digital transition that, although presents challenges and uncertainties, also has a very positive impact and offers, in turn, great opportunities. Indeed, the present crisis has forced COVID-19 to rethink many aspects of our life, both personal and work. And thanks to the elevated digitization of Spain, has made this adaptation has been swift and giving continuity to the core activities of our country without having suffered a standstill, a drop of quality in communications or public services or a considerable period of adaptation.

The report of the past.

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