- The PAe accede in the cloud @asLAN prize in the category of Digital Services Shared
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El servicio ACCEDA en la NUBE, premio @asLAN en la categoría de Servicios Digitales Compartidos

17 march 2020

To accede in the cloud is a solution multi-organismo that permits, a short period of time and with a small effort, to have an own electronic site accompanied by an application for the processing of administrative records, which operate in an integrated manner.

The service To accede in the cloud , driven and evolved by the Secretariat-General for administration Digital (SGAD) has been recognized by the @AsLAN prize in the category of Digital Services Shared (Opens in new window) . This solution addresses the full course for a gestión-e of procedures, including also a tool for the definition, outlining and issuance of administrative procedures and the design of the application forms.

In this edition of the awards @asLAN, go into the cloud (Multisede) has been recognized as a transformative project of the public sector. Over the past year 2.019, some ministries - new - and agencies have opted for the use of ACCESS in the cloud as a solution to the implementation of headquarters and the electronic processing of their administrative procedures.

Other ministries and departments, having already advance electronic headquarters have been chosen by ACCESS also as an option to reduce the cost and effort for the maintenance and development of services and applications headquarters ad-hoc. Examples are the Ministry of culture and sport (Opens in new window) , Ministry of science and innovation (Opens in new window) , Museo Reina Sofia (Opens in new window) or port authorities and Port Castelló. (Opens in new window)

In continuous evolution, incorporates new ACCESS features and options, and is integrated with different horizontal and common services, to provide the agencies concerned capacity-building for the performance of its functions.

Prizes @asLAN 2020

@asLAN (Opens in new window) , non-profit association constituted by more than 130 technological companies, has been presented on 10 march the prizes every year, on the occasion of its technological congress.

The Congress asLAN reúne a fabricantes internacionales líderes en innovación IT junto a reconocidos expertos en Transformación Digital. En el marco de este congreso, la asociación @asLAN otorga estos awards (Opens in new window) with the main objective to identify, recognize and disseminate experiences and success stories in the Digital Processing of the public authorities to provide new services, improve efficiency and contribute to reducing costs. The finalists and award winning candidates are elected by ballot of associated technology enterprises and the members inscribed in @asLAN.

More information in the resolution ACCESS of the PTT

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