PAe - AEPD issued new guidelines on the exchange of data between AAPP
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The AEPD issued new guidelines on the exchange of data between AAPP

09 March 2020

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Estas directrices, en relación al reglamento de protección de datos y la habilitación para dicho intercambio, son aplicadas en la Plataforma de Intermediación de Datos.

The entry into force of the General regulation of data protection plunged into the role of the AAPP and exchange of data as the fundamental basis to meet the powers entrusted. These data are the cornerstone of the administrative handling and determines the full administrative process since its inception until its resolution.

This regulation, in line with the data protection law and guarantee of digital rights substantially changed the process of exchange of data between AAPP, in relation to the justification and empowerment for the exchange of data. The guidelines recently published by the AEPD are applied directly on the platform of Intermediation of data. Some of the highlights are:

  • Consent only for data consultations tax or when there is a law that requires the express consent for the cession.
  • In general, information to the citizen of data to consult, and right of opposition motivated to explain or justify the particular case, not being the consent the basis of such transfer.
  • En el caso de los procedimientos sancionadores o de inspección, o en los que una ley exima de recabar el consentimiento, la consulta no requerirá informar al ciudadano y este no podrá oponerse a la misma
  • Además se clarifica que no es obligatorio incluir una casilla para ejercer el derecho de oposición motivada en el propio formulario.

These guidelines have been moved to the Generic authorisation procedure services and Verification data query, currently in version 4.1

Link to the document of directions of AEPD (Opens in new window)

Enlace al manual de Procedimiento de Autorizacion Generico a los Servicios de Verificacion y consulta Datos (Opens in new window)

More information in the Brokerage platform data the CTT.


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