PAe - Published the 8th edition of the report Infomediario Sector
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Published the 8th edition of the report Infomediario Sector

25 March 2020

The Association multisectoral information (ASEDIE) has published a new edition of the report of Infomediario Sector. This report examines the evolution of companies data reutilizadoras public and/or private. For this discussed a number of indicators as a number of companies, volume of sales or number of employees.

In this edition of the Infomediario Sector report , ASEDIE has identified 764 companies dedicated to the sector infomediario, 9.6% more than in the previous edition. The distribution of these companies by sub sector remains similar, mainly dedicated to geographical information (22%), market studies (21%) and the industry económico-financiero (20%).

The report highlights the dynamism of this sector. Figure sector growth infomediario by 7%, above the 3.5% growth of national PIB. Also highlights the increase in the number of employees in the sector in a 3.1%. Other important data contained in this report are: The volume of sales stood at €2.045.732.378; the subscribed capital of these companies is 346.867.065 €and its net profit 92.082.918 €.

Furthermore, the report contains two surveys, an accomplished businesses infomediarias and another to representatives of the public sector to have a global vision of the ecosystem of the information. The first stresses that these companies that seek data, 73% used both sources of public and private data to develop their products or services; 23% used exclusively public data and 4% only private data. Connection to the challenges facing focus on the analysis of data, followed by the Big Data and the opening of new data sources. Moreover, regarding the barriers to reuse, the most mentioned are the different availability of public information between Autonomous Communities or Municipalities and obsolescence of information.

In the survey representatives of the public Sector of Autonomous Communities shows that most of the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS take into account the demand to prioritize the opening of data. Furthermore, as initiatives to promote the opening of data, highlight the dissemination of success stories and training, and on the main barrier for most of the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS is fundamentally technical.

Finally the report also contains a number of cases of success of companies infomediarias and examples of good practices in the public sector.

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