Updated - PAe security advisories for situations of telework and reinforcement in monitoring
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The updated safety recommendations for telecommuting situations and reinforcement in monitoring

24 March 2020

El objetivo de este documento es ofrecer una serie de pautas que permitan garantizar la seguridad de todas las herramientas y soluciones utilizadas en el teletrabajo.

The CERT of National PKIX centre (CCN-CERT) (Opens in new window) , with the aim to preserve the security of the systems TIC of public administrations, has updated its report of good practices CCN-CERT BP/18 Recomendaciones de seguridad para situaciones de teletrabajo y refuerzo en vigilancia (Opens in new window) . This document aims to provide a set of guidelines to ensure the security of all the tools and solutions used during the work in remote.

The Guide CCN-CERT BP/18 includes three annexes with the necessary steps to implement a solution based on the cloud, on systems on-premise or in the form of remote connection. This Last is the main development which contains the update.

Before pandemics such as the current COVID-19, many organizations, public and private, have had to introduce in a very small time teleworking solutions that cover a large number of aspects, such as corporate devices, internet connection, chat applications and/or, messaging, videoconference, remote access to the network and systems of the organization, etc. All this, without the usual security measures in the organization and while cybercriminals advantage to increase their attacks.

Por este motivo, el CCN-CERT recoge en este informe una serie de recomendaciones y pasos a seguir para seguir manteniendo la confidencialidad, integridad y disponibilidad de la información, como si se estuviese en la oficina. Además, se ha incorporado un nuevo anexo con la solución de conexión remota de la empresa Palo Alto Networks  (Annex (C), which joins the Annex To (solution based on the cloud) and Annex B (solution based on local systems or on-premise ).

Also included is a list with all those companies of cybersecurity operating in our country that have decided to offer, altruistically, some services and solutions for different audiences. To those already included ( CISCO, Citrix/Sidertia, CSA, Entelgy Innotec Security, Open Cloud, ESET, Fortinet, ICA Sistemas y Seguridad, Ingenia, McAfee, Microsoft, Mnemo, Panda-Cytomic, S2 Grupo y Sophos) se añaden ahora las empresas Extreme Networks, Mr. Looquer, Palo Alto y S21Sec.

The help and collaboration offered goes from remote access safe, consultancy, antivirus and licenses EDR service to DNS secure.

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