PAe - the platform Cl@ve, for the identification and electronic signature, reaches ten million registered users
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La plataforma Cl@ve, para la identificación y firma electrónica, alcanza los diez millones de usuarios registrados

15 July 2020

El  sistema Cl@ve es la plataforma común provista por el Sector Público Administrativo Estatal para la identificación, autenticación y firma electrónica para cualquier Administración Pública

El proyecto Cl@ve, que provee los mecanismos de identificación y autenticación, ha crecido hasta superar, el pasado 20 de junio, los diez millones de usuarios registrados en el sistema.

El sistema Cl@ve es la plataforma común provista por el Sector Público Administrativo Estatal para la identificación, autenticación y firma electrónica y nació en 2014 con el objetivo de facilitar el acceso de los ciudadanos a los servicios públicos electrónicos de cualquier  Administración Pública.

Cl@ve is a system designed to simplify and unify electronic access of citizens to public services. Its main objective is that the citizens can identify before the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys to access to the different services.

Its use is open to the entire public Sector State Administrative allowing also be integrated with the rest of the public administrations.

Complements Cl@ve access systems and electronic DNI through electronic certificates, and also offers the possibility of identification of citizens of other member states of the European Union through the network of nodes eIDAS.

In this project includes the secretariat General administration Digital, the state Agency tax administration, Computer management of Social security, and the General direction of the police.

Como indicadores del alcance e impacto del sistema es interesante destacar que actualmente se encuentran integrados con cl@ve más de 7600 organismos, siendo más de 7200 los provenientes de la administración local, ofreciendo por lo tanto una muy amplia cobertura a la población.

Also noteworthy is that during the period of the state of alarm the number of new high users on the system has increased considerably, with over 20,000 daily. This has undoubtedly contributed the maintenance of the registration system at the basic level through “ letter of invitation, ” which was operational thanks to Mails throughout the state of alarm. And besides, the incorporation by the AEAT high method through videoidentificación, within the basic level of security, equivalent to high through “ letter of invitation ”.

Likewise, since the state of alarm in the month of March, there has been a significant increase in applications for identification, reached historical records in the use of cl@ve. In June, through the platform cl@ve, there have been more than 30.5 million applications for identification.

Finally, in the last twelve months the system has served more than 240 million requests for identification by electronic procedures of all public administrations. Furthermore, extends progressively the use of the signature centralized in the cloud, which allows you to easily electronic signature from mobile devices. In the past 12 months, there have been 1.3 million signatures with centralized certificates “ in the cloud ”, having overtaken in the first half of 2020 levels throughout the year 2019.

For more information about its use as a citizen consultation on the information portal cl@ve http://clave.gob.es

For more information on how to integrate your administration with the project CTT consultation solutions Cl@ve identification and Cl@ve signature

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