PAe - open the public consultation for the revision of the regulation eIDAS
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Open the public consultation for the revision of the regulation eIDAS

27 July 2020

The public consultation will be open until 2 October next to reception of comments.

The European Commission has launched the public consultation (Opens in new window) for revision (Opens in new window) from Regulation (HAT) 910/2014 (Opens in new window) the European Parliament and of the board of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and services of confidence for electronic transactions in the internal market (Rules eIDAS ).

In this review provides for the possible creation of a pattern of European Digital Identity, in line with the The council conclusions (Opens in new window) from 9 June, on the communication from the commission “ Configuring the digital future of Europa ”. These conclusions call to the commission to review the current legislation and urged to consider proposals to further develop the current framework of cross-border identification and authentication, based on the Rules eIDAS overlooking a framework for a European digital identity, which would lead to the member states to put at the disposal of all Europeans digital identities that can be used widespread and that are safe and interoperable, for the safety of public and private transactions online.

El objetivo de esta consulta es recoger comentarios sobre las barreras y los factores que impulsan el desarrollo y la adopción de servicios de identidad electrónica en Europa y sobre el impacto de las distintas opciones para conseguir una identidad digital europea. Se puede contribuir en esta query filling out the guest (Opens in new window) available until the next 2 October.

  • Security
  • Common infrastructure and services