PAe - issuing securities and records of civil servants in electronic format
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Issuance of titles and records of civil servants in electronic format

16 july 2020

The information system RCP incorporates the generation of titles and electronic records of public employees of the state and universities, in replacement of the role

On 16 july 2020 has entered into force Resolution of 8 july 2020, the secretariat of state for Territorial Policy and Public Service (Opens in new window) establishing new models of titles and administrative records in electronic format of the staff included in the area of the Central register of personnel.

In accordance with the above-mentioned resolution, the titles of civil servants and the staffing service, labour potential will be developed from that date and will be issued only in electronic format. The titles and records may be downloaded by stakeholders from Citizen folder (Opens in new window) , electronic headquarters Works (Opens in new window) and Portal Works (Opens in new window) . In addition, the Bodies competent staff will be given access to those documents in the Central Register of personnel.

This technological progress has been implemented by the General secretariat of Digital Administration in collaboration with the secretariat of state for Territorial Policy and Public service. Replaces the only original printed on the role of the Factory and The national Currency by a Bell signed with electronic seal of Body, should be kept at the personal file of a public employee.

Furthermore includes a provision of these documents with much more time for government employees and staff bodies, reducing the workload and the possibility of errors, and allowing a documentary management more efficient and environmentally sustainable growth.

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