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New version installable Archive

07 February 2020

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Disponible, para su descarga, la nueva versión 1.4 del componente instalable de Archive .

Archive it is a tool for final archiving files and electronic documents, which complies with thereon in the Royal Decree 4/2010, of January 8th, that regulates the schema national of Interoperability.

Files and documents will be imported and classified within archive centres and documentary series, and will pass by various states, depending on the conservation policy assigned. Following the model OAIS file management, Archive covers the entire life cycle of documents and their successive phases of file in the long term.

This version of the distributable presents, as the main novelty managing dissemination packages (DIP - Dissemination Information Package). It also includes many improvements in the internal management of electronic records in the processes of conservation of signatures and the output of the application.

Please consult the section of the application in the CTT, donde encontrarán el manual de instalación y la información detallada de los cambios. Se incluye, además, una nueva guía para la instalación de Archive through Docker containers.

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