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Amendment to the procedures for high cl@ve

30 april 2020

Se habilita el cambio de teléfono asociado a un usuario mediante un procedimiento específico con videoconferencia.

Cl@ve it is a system designed to harmonize and simplify access electronic administration. Its main objective is that the citizens can identify to the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys for accessing the various services. Cl@ve supplements existing access through DNI-e electronic certificate and, through concerted keys, and provides different levels of safety in terms of the quality of identification, depending on the type of record.

In this context the AEAT(Abre en nueva ventana) has added an extra step in the management of the credentials of Cl@ve , for which you can modify the telephone number associated to the user to make video and related information Is accessible. here (Opens in new window) .

On the other hand, continues to be fully operational the option of registration Cl@ve over the Internet, the existence of electronic certificate, requesting the letter of invitation, which will be sent by postal mail to fiscal address of the person concerned, and completing the registration with the Verification Code ( CSV ) which consists in the charter. This method of registration will provide a baseline security level.

More information in the resolution Cl@ve of CTT .

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