PAe - diputació de Cádiz has been integrated into the national system of Exchange of records (SIR)
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The provincial de Cádiz has been integrated into the national system of Exchange of records (SIR)

26 september 2018

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The system removes the transit of administrations' role and makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the administrative, both in the physical registration offices, as of the documents submitted in electronic headquarters.

Integration has been done through the certification of the implementation of the record that the council uses and provides for municipalities and entities in the province that delivers its services through EPICSA (Provincial information Company of Cádiz). The Diputación becomes the fifth spanish Provincial Council certifies that an application on this platform. There are now 34 entities in the province that have been exchanged among them official after integration into the crs.

For local authorities of the province is a significant saving of time and resources. It has highlighted the benefits of the system for citizenship by allowing the improvement in response time of the administrations, as well as information to the public and in relations between the same and the citizens, whether individuals physically in one office, as if they presented document via the Internet.

The SIR exchanging registration digitally with any administration is also part of SIR, for both the need to send the information in support role, and to fulfil one of the obligations of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.

The Regional Government is pursuing a policy of technological adaptation to the new regulatory framework of administrative procedure and legal regime for transparency, as well as to the changes brought about by the new law on public sector contracts for municipalities and those which serves, as in the corporation and its Provincial bodies dependent.

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