PAe - the exchange of registration in SIR over eight million entries in august
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The exchange of registration in SIR over eight million entries in august

19 september 2018

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During the month of august has reached 8.007.354 of electronic registration exchanged by SIR

At the end of the month of august, the 8 million electronic registration exchanged by SIR. Approximately 50 per cent of these seats are AGE (3.975.759) although most important of this month, has been strong growth in the registration sent by local entities (3.005.161) due to the gradual and increasing incorporation of municipalities to the platform (3.448 integrated local entities) already exceeding 75 per cent coverage of the total spanish population (75 ’ 81 per cent).

The provinces that have experienced higher growth during the month of august in the number of municipalities in SIR, have been Cádiz and Valencia. The month of july, Cadiz has increased from 30 per cent of its integrated municipalities to 59 per cent and Valencia, with 45 per cent of its municipalities in july, has reached 56 per cent of its municipalities.

The presentations in The Electronic Registration registration have been 76.994 records submitted, a figure markedly lower than the month of july, but significant, since during the month of august labor activity and commercial matters decreases due to the summer period.
It should also be noted that, in the month of august has been incorporated into SIR the university of Vigo, eight the number of integrated public universities in the platform at present.

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