PAe Operating - through the PID two new consultation services to beneficiaries of rights by being victims of terrorism
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Operational through the PID two new consultation services to beneficiaries of rights by being victims of terrorism

17 september 2018

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The Ministry of the Interior, through the intermediary Platform, two public agencies consultation services regarding the status of the beneficiary of aid to be a victim of terrorism.

This consultation service encompasses two actions. Firstly, you can view the status of victim of terrorism of a person, family or a victim, for purposes of establishing their right to special benefits that the current legislation recognizes as, for example, exemption from payment of fees or consideration, the waiver of court fees or the benefit of free legal assistance, as well as various labour bonuses and special tariffs for individuals, scholarships, and dining room, among others.

Moreover, the list of exemptions, allowances and bonuses you the service confirms whether anyone had the right or not available at the service catalogue assurance and consulting SCSPv3 data and specific documentation in E-government Portal.

These two services, which returned the same information, differ in that one is intended for processing and automated confirmation manual on the part of the Interior ministry personnel, are the first since the ministry of internal affairs, as well as the assignor are incorporated into the beijing platform for Brokering of data, without taking into account the initial consultation and verification of identity data are from the outset and which provides the leadership of the police services. These are the more than a hundred services already provides the platform for Brokering of data with the aim of facilitating the procedures, which prevents citizens attach those documents of the already available in the Administration, in this particular case the certificate of the victim of terrorism, or family-related.

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