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New functionality in production

14 september 2018

You can assign several administrators at the same form.

The system is a system that allows you to generate forms and for his cumplimentación surveys web editor. Provides the possibility of creating forms, without programming skills, and that can be autoadministrados for each publisher.

It has been put into production a new feature in the form to facilitate the management of the forms and their answers. from now on, may be appointed administrator of a form, giving them the opportunity to run this form as if the original author. this way be disposed of managing a form to another member of the PAe profile “ administration ”.

The various management profiles of the forms of form are:

  • The profile administrator may make the following functions: editing, copy, to accede to the preview, eliminate forms, see the answers, open or close forms, reopen closed forms for specific user, publishing the form and to give permits other users.
  • The profile modification and consultation you can edit, copy, to accede to the preview, consult answers, open and close the form and publishing.
  • The profile consultation could only refer to the replies of the form.

The forms in the form must be at least an administrator; once the original author of a form of high another administrator may remove themselves from the management of this form, leaving it on its list of forms.

The configuration of the permits other users is unique for each form.

More information solution Form of the PTT.

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