PAe - ENISA launches a tool of evaluation of strategies of cybersecurity
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ENISA launched an evaluative tool of cyber security strategies

28 september 2018


ENISA launched assessment tool to cyber security strategies that will help the european union member states to evaluate their priorities in accordance with their national strategies of cybersecurity.

For each strategic objective, the tool (Opens in new window) offers recommendations and ideas on how to improve. ENISA (Opens in new window) the tool developed to provide results of a quick and easy to use.

ENISA has also updated its interactive map NCSS, improving its usability and introducing new features, such as the objectives implemented the strategy, detailed examples, history of versions and language selection.

The new tools were presented on past 18th of september during the VI National Workshop ENISA Strategies of cybersecurity (Opens in new window) . The workshop focused on the latest news on the overview of NCSS and collaboration through Exchange of information and analysis (ISAC). The Mechanism 'Connect Europe' (FSB), a key instrument of eu funding aimed at promoting growth, employment and competitiveness through targeted investments in infrastructure at european level, was presented at the workshop.

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