PAe - 3.6 million telematic formalities in the register of the board in 2018
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3.6 million telematic formalities in the register of the board of Andalucian Marvel in 2018

24 September 2018

Electronic administration increases 30 per cent its activity with more efforts through internet

The number of telematic presentations registered with the Andalucian marvel Board this year exceeds $3.6 million, representing an increase of 30% compared to the same period of 2017, a fact that grows each year with the progressive increase of procedures and formalities that the autonomous administration puts at the disposal of citizenship via the Internet. During 2017, there were more than 4.5 million telematic presentations, 15% more than the previous year.

Andalucian marvel has been a pioneer in the field of electronic administration since the creation of the Single telematic log in 2003 in a bid to modernisation, simplification and transparency, approaching the public service to citizenship. Currently, the Andalusian people have the possibility to begin viewed practically all procedures and services of the Board, which avoids travels to records of administrative units and allows savings in the processing times.

Specifically, over 1,500 procedures and services can initiate on-line through the single register. Also, has begun the replacement of certificates on paper through a technological platform that offers until 21 consulting services data as the DNI, certificates of registrations or large family. In 2017, the number of requests for data grew 26.3% compared to 2016 reaching the maximum value since its launch in 2008. The savings that represents for citizenship this service has been estimated at EUR 13 million in 2017.

In the area of public procurement, last March was launched a computer system for the planning and management of the electronic processing of files which is already operational in 10 advisers, with more than 14,000 electronic records managed. Similarly, has increased electronic invoicing with more than 15,000 suppliers of the autonomous administration entered into the system.

The Andalusian Government remains committed to the modernization of public administration and has an ongoing project decree of electronic administration, simplification of procedures and organizational streamlining of the board of Andalucian marvel. The goal is to achieve full introduction and generalization of electronic administration, as well as progress in transparency, coordination and efficiency in areas such as the presentation and resolution of applications or deletion of certificates on paper, allowing the administration closer to citizenship as well as reducing administrative burdens. The processing of the standard is very advanced after the period of public information.

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