PAe - start of production of Automatic Translation Portal PTPLATA
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Start of production of Automatic Translation Portal PTPLATA

02 October 2018

PTPLATA allows the user to translate texts and files from the Spanish into different languages, including cooficial languages and English.

This website uses the engine silver from the General administration of the state and the engine MT@EC of the European commission through which are carried out requests for translation into different languages of the HAT transparently. Both are machine translation systems without revision or human intervention. The quality of translations is within the thresholds of quality marked for this type of system of translation.
All information translated through this portal be transmitted through secured networks and SARA - network TESTA network.

La identificación para entrar en la Plataforma de Traducción Automática se realiza a través del CAS y es necesario tener un perfil de Administración Pública registrándose en el Portal de Administración Electrónica.

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