PAe - the new European Regulation concerning the establishment of the Gateway Única Digital
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The new European Regulation concerning the establishment of the Gateway Única Digital

21 november 2018

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The new regulation provides that citizens and businesses can exercise their rights and obligations in the european internal market by providing information and relevant links from a single common interface, which has been called “ Digital Gateway Única ”, making it one of the key elements of the strategy of Único Market of the eu.

The Regulation 2018/1724 (Opens in new window) the european parliament and the council, of 2 october 2018 establishing a single digital gateway for access to information, procedures and appropriate assistance and resolution of problems and amending council regulation (EU) # 1024/2012, has been published on 21 november 2018 in the official journal of the european union and will enter into force 20 days of its publication, giving a two-year time frame for compliance with the majority of its articles, four for the municipal authorities and five for procedures Entirely online.

Bridging the Digital Única shall be integrated into the Your Europe “ portal ” (Opens in new window) and offer high-quality information on the rights, obligations and norms in the areas listed in annex I to the rules of procedure, on procedures online Fully included in annex II and on assistance and resolution of problems according to the list included in annex III, in addition to the enlaces para acceder digitally to such procedures and services.

The new gateway will facilitate the interaction between citizens and companies within and between eu member states, on the one hand, and the competent authorities from online solutions designed to facilitate daily activities of its users and implementing, as a general rule, the principle of “ single once ” for individuals and companies that provide the same information to the public administrations once. This will save time and money to all concerned to reduce or eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens and ensure the equal opportunities across the eu to respect the principle of non-discrimination through the use of new technologies.

This gateway improves transparency of the rules and regulations to some of the life of businesses and citizens. In particular, to address the ignorance of the rules relating to consumption, will improve consumer confidence and reduce the expenses of the companies derived of regulatory compliance.

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