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User identification through Authentic

12 july 2018

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It has deployed the new version of InSide (version which includes a number of new functionalities and correction

InSide is a system for the management of electronic documents and records that meets the requirements for that both could be stored and/or be ENI, according to the framework that sets the ground rules for the exchange and storage of documents and electronic files. Management Fully documentary materials to the management of living of the dossier, as a preliminary step to final archiving of documentation in a format interoperable and lasting settlement.

The most significant developments that have been deployed to the new version are as follows:

  • Identification by Authenticates. In this first phase, has enabled the identification of users with Authenticates. High of new users as well as the management of the roles will be conducted in Inside. If a user to enter Authenticates, you must select the button "Authenticates". At this point may be the following scenarios:
  1. Users discharged Authentic .
    1. User registered in Inside . If the user is already registered in Inside, sign-in screen will be displayed Inside with its organizational unit.
    2. User does not discharged in Inside . If the user is not discharged in Inside, you will see the login screen GInside (way invited).
  2. User does not discharged in Authenticates. You will see a screen, with a link to the form in Authenticates. Once the user requests the high and you receive confirmation of Authentic, will be accessible through this new button can reproduce the scenarios 1.1 and 1.2 of the preceding paragraph.
  • Solve large display of documents. It shows a download link if exceed 2MB.
  • It solves a problem in the web service convertirDocumentoAEni. If signing with CSV is mandatory regulation, avoiding field generation ENI invalid documents.
  • Update of libraries of Spring.
  • It includes possibility of carrying out orders charger with parameters pieces.
  • It includes paging files.
  • Other improvements and minor corrections.

More information Settlement InSiDe of the PTT