PAe - Guide of safety standards of the national security
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The Guide of safety standards of the national security

28 february 2018


Updates the Guide CCN-STIC 821 "Guide of safety standards of the NHIS" as part of the set of standards developed by the centre National Cryptologic, for the implementation of the national security in the public Sector.

The CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) has updated on its website the Guide CCN-STIC 821 of safety standards in the national security (NHIS) (Opens in new window) the aim of providing a guide to the relationship of safety standards to the entities of the scope of application of the royal decree 3/2010, which regulates the NHIS.

The Centre National Cryptologic notes that the publication - whose purpose is to the protection of the services provided to citizens and between different administraciones- and compliance with those standards in general, will contribute to the use of resources and information systems on the part of public administrations, ensuring the protection of the rights of citizens and their data in its relations with Them.

The Guide CCN-STIC 821 conducts an introduction to the safety standards and the scope of application, as well as a section of internal regulations to public Sector entities and CCN-STIC models as a source of norms.

The document also includes a section of conventions used and content and policy development of security policy. Finally, it adds a paragraph of metrics and indicators of compliance, as well as a bibliography of reference.

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