PAe - Implementation Gobernanza-contratación accused in Authentic
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Implementation Gobernanza-contratación accused in Authentic

18 january 2018

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Continues to increase the number of applications with Authentic syndicated already reaching 23 integrations.

Offers authentic authentication services and Single Sign On authorization of public employees, public administrations and related users access to internal applications by public administrations Its aim is to be a shared common service benchmarks within public administrations for internal applications.

The service is expanding its Authentic collective syndicated applications with mainstreaming the implementation of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION Gobernanza-contratación of heritage. This application, which entered into service in december last year, contains an electronic questionnaire and its corresponding software application to collect necessary information and facilitate their subsequent treatment, to the implementation of the information requirements imposed by the procurement directives 2014/23/Eu and 2014/24/Eu.

With this application as there are 23 applications with Authentic syndicated. Previously, were incorporated the PAe, the Central Register of personnel and CECIR Portal.

More information The Ultimate solution of the PTT.

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Infrastructure and common services