PAe - ENISA publishes its report of cyber threats 2017
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ENISA publishes its report of cyber threats 2017

25 january 2018

ENISA, the european agency for Safety, in its report in 2017 reflects the current picture on cyber threats, methods of monetization, attacks on the actions of democracies, cyber war, the transformation of malicious infrastructures and dynamics within groups of threat.

In this sixth edition of the annual report of the agency, has been evaluated and assessed these aspects and, moreover, it has gathered information on successful operations against cybercrime, as the closure of markets, clandestine and illegal sites located in the darkweb, among others.

As a novelty, this year ENISA (Opens in new window) has launched a web application that contains information on the top 15 cyberthreats encountered in 2017. The application is available in etl.enisa.europa.eu.

In addition to the top 15 cyberthreats, which are also presented in the web application, the ETL 2017 covers the common threats, attacks and trends. Identifies the outstanding issues that are based on these trends and presents policy recommendations, business and research/educational, that will be taken into account in future activities of ENISA/Eu and its stakeholders.

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