PAe - important growth in the beijing platform of record linkage (SIR)
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Important growth in the beijing platform of record linkage (SIR)

03 august 2018

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So far this year 2018, have been exchanged 2.260.944 registration by SIR 59.496, increasing the total number of seats exchanged throughout the year 2017

With progress on the incorporation in SIR of recent months, especially of Local Entities, has experienced rapid growth in the number of electronic registration exchanged by SIR.

The total number of seats exchanged by SIR is 7.633.361. The average monthly strength of the seats were exchanged at 2018 is 322.992.

In the 94,52 per cent of seats exchanged the accompanying documentation to the seat was digitalized.

To note that currently 73,40 per cent of the spanish population has an office of local assistance integrated registration in SIR. There Are local 3,387 integrated into SIR con 5.126 offices of public administrations. All the autonomous communities and state administration are also integrated.

As regards submissions made directly by stakeholders without passing through the windows registry offices, the monthly average in 2018 is electronic 73.012. The average daily during the month of july has been 2,864 of records and the ceiling is reached on 18 records with 5.607 submitted.

More information Solution SIR of the PTT.

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