PAe - New electronic site of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION of the Civil guard
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New electronic site of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION of the Civil guard

15 september 2017

This has been implemented on accede in the cloud

ACCESS - Public access to files of the authority - is a modular platform that focuses on three main components: a complete sede-e; a program for case management initiated at headquarters; and a tool for stewardship and configuration, which includes a content management system at headquarters and a forms editor.

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION of the Civil guard has launched its new Electronic site, which was created on the instance MultiSede ACCESS into the cloud.

Its new headquarters starts on version 3.6. of ACCESS that includes, as most remarkable feature, integration with the payment gateway for the payment of fees. With this european Accesses, of the Civil guard can be made available to the new citizenship efiling, previously carried out in person. Among others, the new headquarters includes 28 licences and authorizations of arms, explosives, security of facilities, pyrotechnics and cartuchería, private security, etc.

To note that, in turn, the Civil guard is putting in another instance of ACCESS in their infrastructure (ACCESS as proceeds), intended for the processing of internal procedures.

Available new european Headquarters of the Civil guard (Opens in new window) .

More information on the Access solution in the cst.

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