PAe - Developments of the common application for registration ORVE
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Developments of the common application for registration ORVE

20 october 2017


For the entry into force for the EELL article 16 of law 39/2015 in october 2018, ORVE is expanding its functionalities.

To this day ORVE applies only to electronic exchange between registry integrated administrations in sirt. It is giving ORVE of registration book for itself a non-integrated administrations in SIR, Ciudanos and businesses. Also you can register of entry into ORVE submissions for the agency itself. You query web services and are developing web services.

With these new features ORVE meets the requirements for the law 39/2015 in the area of registers to be a single registration book and be interconnected.

The more than 1,700 local ORVE users may benificiarse free of a full service. With ORVE made so far more than 1,750,000 registration with a rate of digitisation of 98 per cent.

More information, http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/orve .

Since the download area of this page access to a video funded by the consortium Of Asturias technology of the principality of Asturias to promote the use of ORVE by town councils.

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