PAe - The european parliament has come to an agreement on the initiative WiFi4EU
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The european parliament has come to an agreement on the initiative WiFi4EU

30 may 2017

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The european parliament, the council and commission have finally reached political agreement on the initiative. Means WiFi4EU installation of network Wi-Fi access free of charge in public spaces (as squares, parks, hospitals,...) of local entities of the whole union.

As the president of the Commission (Opens in new window) , Jean-Claude Juncker, WiFi4EU initiative (Opens in new window) it will contribute to "all european peoples and all the cities have free wireless Internet access in the main centres of public life by 2020".

The Vice-President to the market Único Digital Ansip Andrus, welcomed the agreement and commented that the media market strategy Digital Único aims to build a europe fully connected where everyone has access to networks of high quality digital WiFi4EU. The Initiative will improve connectivity in particular where Internet access is limited WiFi4EU is a welcome first step, but much remains to be done to achieve high-speed connectivity throughout eu territory - to improve coordination at european level of the spectrum and stimulating investment in the area of high technology — in words of the vice-president.

The political agreement includes the commitment of the three institutions to ensure that will be assigned an overall amount of eur 120 million to finance equipment for public services free Wi-Fi 6,000-8,000 municipalities of all member states. Specific sources of funding was completed in the current legislative debates on the revision of the current multiannual financial framework programme. The local authorities may apply for funding once the establishment of the system.

In practice, the local public authorities (municipalities or groups of municipalities) that may wish to offer Wi-Fi in areas where there is still no similar public or private may apply to financing through a simple process and not bureaucratic. A subsidy allocated in the form of coupons will be used to purchase and install the latest generation equipment, i.e., wireless access point locations, while the public authority cover operational costs of the connection itself.

The Initiative WiFi4EU, announced by president Juncker in his speech on the state of the union in september 2016, form part of the ambitious revision of eu rules on telecommunications, including new measures to meet the growing needs of connectivity of europeans and increasing the competitiveness of Europe.

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