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Award ceremony Sharing and Reuse in lisbon

31 march 2017

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The past 29 march Awards were given the Sharing and Reuse projects highlights of electronic administration within the framework of the conference's archives held in lisbon. Among the winners, four spanish institutions.

The public announcement of the winners took place during the awards ceremony at the conference on Sharing & Reuse on 29 march, at lisbon, Portugal. The first and second prize (15,000 and 10,000 euros respectively) were granted to the winning teams in each category. The solutions identified in third and fourth, received a certificate of excellence. All public administrations whose solutions were selected given the opportunity to be submitted to the conference. The presentations will be available shortly on the site of the community of Sharing and Reuse (Opens in new window) of Joinup.

The aim of the awards of Sharing & Reuse of the european commission is to raise awareness of the benefits of sharing and reuse of ict solutions in the public sector.

A total of 100,000 €surrendered to government agencies which reached benefits through the sharing of ict solutions and who had had a potential for a broader reuse in europe. Among them, there were four: spanish

  • The Generalitat Valenciana gvSIG Desktop, geographic information system that free, won first prize in the category Cross Border.
  • The Institut Municipal d ’ Informàtica of Barcelona city council that were addressed by the third place at the same category with Sentilo, platform of sensors and actuators designed for SmartCity environment.
  • REGWEB, management accounts from records entry and exit of a body, made that the government of the balearic islands achieved third place in the Regional Level.
  • The provincial de Albacete was the other agency english that had a third prize (at the Local Level) with SEDIPUALBA, a set of common services for a complete digital administrative management.

The rest of the winners and more information, site of the awards Sharing and Reuse (Opens in new window) .


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