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Published new version of INSIDE

21 june 2017

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This new distribution package includes several new features and correction.

On 20 june has released a new version of the package of distribution of the implementation INSIDE. The most significant developments that would include the following:

  • Version 1.5 miniapplet.
  • Import file ZIP format.
  • Correction of display of documents with viewer in browser Explorer.
  • ZIP download to include the folders/subfolders in the case file with the content of each document (only the content).
  • New operation in sw Inside getPdfExpediente.
  • Accept format html documents.

In addition there are other correction or developments:

  • Allocation of roles to user for each organizational unit.
  • Translate mime types to XML format (PDF, DOC instead of msword, etc).
  • Show file extensions and permitted in shipment to justice.
  • Force signing format file extension.
  • New fields when generating login credentials.
  • New camps in the audit of the use of credentials access.
  • Removes request field original identifier when the state is Others.
  • Are controlled additional metadata arrivals from web service.
  • Documents are allowed no signature with state "Other".
  • Correction of errors in the move and appoint Contents.
  • Corrección en uso de token por usuario no dado de alta en Inside.
  • Correct translation nombreFormato of JPG JPEG.
  • Reorder fields of the record.
  • Switches to version jdk1.7.
  • We accept applications firmaBase64 signature in node.
  • Corrected generation of ENI with Indexed Files.
  • Is added in web service operation management: High procedure.
  • Updates to TF03 type XAdES signature Enveloped.
  • Corrigendum in administration users: Update users with procedure.
  • Corrigendum in user administration: Low for organizational unit.
  • Corrigendum to the shipper of justice: remove the formats that justice does not accept.
  • Display of token file for download complete dossier.

More information on the settlement Inside in PTT.

  • Infrastructure and common services