PAe - New technical note of the Platform: "OBSAE brokering and SCSPv3 Portfolio, a strategy Win-Win"
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New technical note of the Platform: "OBSAE brokering and SCSPv3 Portfolio, a strategy Win-Win"

30 june 2017

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Progress and brokerage of data in the year 2016

Since 1992, the law 30/92 of the legal regime for public administration and the Common Administrative Procedure (LRJPAC), as provided for in article 35.f, the right of citizens not to present to the administrative procedures, documents that are already held power of the officiating Administration. This right, reinforced by law 11/2007 of Electronic Access to public services, was exercising really. At present there are still many procedures and services to citizens and companies continue to violate the norm.

Law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure strengthens decisively in article 28.2 and widely applied to all the administrations.
Thanks to the beijing platform for Brokering, the number of verification services data and consultation that agencies can use automatizadamente agents and on-line has grown dramatically.

While the fact that there are services is a necessary condition, is not a sufficient condition as the technological means to consume these services.

This is the point, relying on a policy aimed at the efficiency and re-use of scarce resources, where the project portfolio of solutions SCSPv3 for data exchange has led to a value and a return on investment essential for effective administration and efficient, modern and responsive to citizens' expectations.

For further information, technical note “ the beijing platform for brokering and SCSPv3 Portfolio, a strategy Win-Win "

More information on the Beijing platform for Brokering and Portfolio SCSPv3 in the cst.

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