PAe - agreements of the meeting of the sectoral Commission E-government
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Agreements of the meeting of the sectoral Commission E-government

23 june 2017

On 21 june saw a further meeting of the body in the area between AGE, ICT, EELL REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and universities in the issues that were agreed upon impact with regard to the management of electronic notifications by the different public administrations.

The Sectoral commission E-government (CSAE) is the technical body, provided for in law 40/2015, for cooperation in the field of electronic administration between the General state administration, the administrations of the autonomous communities and the constituent entities of the Local administration. It involves the holders of the directorates-general of the autonomous communities and cities, with competence in respect of E-government and by the General state administration the Secretariat-General for administration Digital . The Local administration organizations were represented by the spanish federation of municipalities and Provinces. And universities through CRUE, Conference of rectors of universities In spain.

On 21 june saw a further meeting of such coordination body where there was talk about points of great interest to all public administrations, especially those related to implementation of laws 39 and 40/2015. The meetings of the Commission aim to move forward and make progress in implementing the E-government in all public administrations since these proceedings and set common criteria.

In this quest to build and define common criteria are agreed on the following issues:

With regard to notifications and Electronic Communications has adopted the following agreements:

  1. The establishment of a focal point for Único notifications all public administrations similar to the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices (FACe). This item will be provided by the ministry of finance and Public service. Each Autonomous Community and Local Entity assumes an obligation to have one point which concentrates all notifications occurring within their public sector, with a view to facilitating the exchange of information with notifications Único. The objective of this measure is to concentrate the access to notifications in a single point.
  2. Have a central point of contact for citizens and businesses to ensure the correct implementation of the notice of the provision of an electronic notification to the electronic device and/or email. This centralized point should be available free to state that citizens can revise the contact information you are on file with the public administrations and to ensure the effectiveness of the notifications made by the Public administrations.
  3. To establish the following common standards for electronic relations between the public:
  • In the case of notifications to the public administrations, go to the point of Notifications Único pointed out in the first point of this agreement in the form of integrated with that point would be through web services. Those Governments which have their own systems of their notifications constructed web services and make use of the services of Notific@ would not need to do so because this system would be integrated with that point Único.
  • In the case of electronic communications between administrations are the following actions:
    • Communications within that require registration administrative electronic entry in accordance with article 16.1 of law 39/2015 may be made by the network system of registers (SIR)
    • Communications interadministrativas arising from article 155 of the law 40/2015 may be made by the platforms of intermediation or equivalent system as provided for under article 28 of law 39/2015.
    • Communications interadministrativas arising from article 44 of act no. 40 sujetaran 2015 as set out by public authorities by agreement.
    • The rest of communications interadministrativas requiring you check in by article 16.1 could be used.
  1. Searching for outstanding and brought to them on the part of a Public Administration should not be necessary to use a certificate of individual representative of a legal person. To enable the automation, should be admitted electronic seal recognized or personnel.

It also gave assent to the projects of technical instructions in national security

  • Audit of the Security Council
  • Notice of security incidents
  • Interadministrativa cooperation