PAe Submitted - guide with Open Data for local authorities
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The guide with Open Data for local authorities

06 july 2017

The FEMP has presented the guide with Open Data for local authorities; a document that aims at the opening of data and reuse for all local authorities.

Openness and transparency to add value to information and the institutions that generate, are key that has been moving, since its establishment, by 2015, to the network of local government agencies by transparency and citizen participation, FEMP (Opens in new window) the same network that has to be presented in Madrid the Open Database guide (Opens in new window) a step in the process of transparency and openness of information of local entities, in the guidelines for Consistorios submit their data of the most appropriate form, useful and efficient for use and reuse citizens and of other institutions and agencies.

With this, the Local administration is placed, again, as a spearhead of the rest of the administrations in everything that has to do with open data and use of new technologies to deliver publicly their information and provide it with new opportunities for economic growth. This has been found in the course of the act of presentation of the text organized by the FEMP, ESADE and PwC.

In that quotation, has been presented by the president of the network, and mayor of Elche, Carlos González, who talked about the guide as a crucial step forward for local governments to the extent that “ will afford to have a benchmark on how to open your data and, in addition, progress in transparency and citizen participation and, above all make us data may serve to promote reusable sector is that the value and makes them an opportunity for economic growth ”. In his view, with the guide gives “ a fundamental step in terms of participation and economic terms ”.

The Guide to open (Opens in new window) it is available for download, has been prepared by a working group of the network, composed of officials of various technical councils, it reflects what their drafters qualify as “ the route on the opening of data and reuse for every local authority ”.

Commitment to transparency and open data

In the act of presentation stressed the commitment of the Local administration to citizenship, a compromise, for many, higher than that of other public administrations by the proximity to the people of their local governments. And in that context, it is the right of citizens to know what its Town hall, how and how much it costs a right which is being translated into municipal obligation should be transparent.

That is why, since the FEMP and since the network has been working for local governments to spanish, so that, regardless of their size, know their responsibilities in terms of transparency, have the tools to their development and, finally, implementers. The guide, the first of these characteristics, is the result of this responsibility of the federation and the selfless work municipal technicians have in common their experiences.

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