PAe - The common log service GEISER, awarded in CNIS 2017 as a result of the best strategy for services in the cloud.
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The common log service GEISER, awarded in CNIS 2017 as a result of the best strategy for services in the cloud.

28 february 2017

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In the VII edition of the national congress of Innovation of public services (CNIS 2017) has been recognized GEISER as the best service strategy in the cloud.

GEISER (Integrated Management of registration services) is the Shared management Service of the register in the cloud adopted by the committee on Ict Strategy – CETIC in the declaration of shared services of the Ict Strategy of the digital Processing of the General state administration and its Agencies.

GEISER allows a centralized maintenance, ensuring an efficient service and continuously evolving and available for public administrations concerned to provide in the cloud the services of the registry is electronic, Face-To-Register and exchange of registrations between administrations in the integrated system of record linkage (SIR).

GEISER meets the requirements of law 39/2015 in relation to the register, settling as an application that becomes the electronic register General of the administration, where consecutively register all notes with legal relevance, entering or leaving the user administration, whether occurring in the electronic registration office, in person or through applications.

GEISER ensures the abolition of the role in the registry exchange between public administrations, through the digitization of documentation associated with the registration, thereby complying with the national Interoperability and according to law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public administrations, as well as the immediate exchange of registration, significantly reducing processing times, eliminating the cost of shipments by postal mail and ensuring the interoperability of the register.

With this award is value the work done by the secretariat-General for administration Digital MINHAP since its inception in 2013 and with the cooperation of all Ministerial Departments and agencies of the General state administration, Autonomous Communities and local authorities, which have relied on this common service: in 324 registration offices and units in 3.141 tramitadoras and integrated with about 10,000 users.

There are currently using GEISER: MEYSS, MINETAD, MINJUS, MAEC, DGT, BOE National heritage, INTA, BN, AEPSAD, CSD, Museo Reina Sofia, FEGA, CHs del Ebro, Guadalquivir River Tajo and MINHAFP and transparency, PME, INAP, MUFACE. TEAC, DG Management of the game, AIREF, CZEC, STUDIO, IAC, IEC, UNED, University of Zaragoza and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Next to use it: AECID, Museo del Prado and SEPE.
Stakeholders or assessing its use: MAPAMA, MECD, MIR, MIHO, MINEIC, Guardia Civil, AICA, ANECA, APH, EC, CEM, CDTI, CHCantabrico, CSIC, CSN, ENESA, IDAE, INIA, INE, INSHT, IEFS, Candidacies of Burgos, cádiz, Cuenca, Huesca, Lugo and Málaga, OEPM, PC, universities: the balearic islands, Cádiz, Jaén, La Rioja, Murcia, Salamanca, Sevilla, Vigo, UIMP, Miguel Hernández, UPValencia, URJC y Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, Elche, Sagunto, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cabildo de Tenerife.

There have been with GEISER over 1.160.000 records with offices of other agencies and more than 5.4 million registrations between offices and units within the bodies themselves. The number of annotations registration records from the web application and web services exceeds 18 million.

For more information on GEISER, access solution PTT (Opens in new window) of the page.


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