PAe - MARTA, new analysis tool CCN-CERT files
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MARTA, new analysis tool CCN-CERT files

27 february 2017

This platform advanced sandboxing is dedicated to the automated analysis of multiple types of files which may have any malicious behavior. First, MARTA has been circulated to all organizations that are affixed to the Early warning system, SAT, National Governmental CERT.

In order to analyze automatically the characteristics of those files which is held suspicion of a malicious behaviour has developed the CCN-CERT tool MARTA . Esta plataforma avanzada de sandboxing  puede analizar tanto ejecutables, como documentos de office o pdf.

At an early stage, this tool is designed to all organizations that are affixed to the early warning system CCN-CERT. Among the main advantages of this tool is the detection of threats from harmful code, analysing the conduct of a file in type systems.

It further permits the use of a centralized web site and secure environment in which house the malware samples, organized in a manner and with an advanced search tool.

Finally, MARTA, and through a system of labels, offers the possibility of organizing all the information of a visual mode and agile (files, analysis and rules).

Access to this platform is restricted to the organizations that have a certificate of SAT-INET (with the same credentials) that will have to first obtain access via email: marta@ccn-cert.cni.es

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