PAe - the City of Huesca is integrated into the network system records SIR through the registration application ORVE
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El Ayuntamiento de Huesca se integra en el Sistema de Interconexión de Registros SIR mediante la aplicación de registro ORVE

31 January 2017


The municipality of Huesca adheres to the collaboration agreement signed by the community march with the ministry of finance and public function for the supply of the application ORVE.

Allows to exchange ORVE registration electronically with other administrations through the platform of the network system records (SIR). Removes the entry of role in registry offices, according to the law 39/2015 and allowing the electronic register without papers between the City of Huesca and the rest of public administrations integrated into the platform.

Allows you to convert ORVE electronic format documentation provided by the citizen in registry offices. Through digitization at checkpoints with full window legal validity of shipments between registry offices, the registration together with its accompanying documentation digitized are sent electronically to the office of destination at the time, whatever its geographical location at the level of competent administration. Occur savings for deletion of shipments in paper and improving the service as shipments are instantaneously.

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