PAe - Released the source code of the continental datos.gob.es
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Released the source code of the continental datos.gob.es

22 december 2017

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Has been published on Github source code of the beijing platform of the spanish portal datos.gob.es open database

The project datos.gob.es consists of a complete tool for content management aimed at the publication of data open for reuse.
The project, in addition to providing a manager of the list of data, a solution of Linked Data API and a consultation SPARQL, implements two technology requirements of great complexity: the federation and the multi-idioma.

The platform datos.gob.es is based on Open Source architecture and has published the source code of extensions and CKAN and Drupal modules developed, so that all those who wish to reuse. This source code can be found in the Github of PTT (Opens in new window) the ministry of finance and Public Service, where there are also the authors and the type of license under which are published, as well as directions for your installation.

A complete information about the technology of the continental datos.gob.es is available in the section Technology (Opens in new window) the spanish portal open database.
Likewise, settlement DATOSGOB is available as reusable solution in the centre of transfer of technology (CST) , where you can find information about it.

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