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Published guide on how to make accessible and assess apps

15 december 2017

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Using this guide will be possible to generate native mobile applications accessible for main operating systems of the market (Android, iOS and/or Windows), and to assess the level of accessibility.

This guide is focused to serve professionals in various profiles, either developers, professionals in the evaluation, editors of content, or in general, any person dedicated to achieving the objectives of accessibility of a mobile app.

On 2 december 2016 was published in the official gazette of the european union Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the european parliament and of the council of 26 october 2016, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices of the public sector agencies (Opens in new window) . This directive establishes the conditions, with regard to their accessibility, which will have to comply with all websites and mobile applications of the public sector: the state, regional, local, universities, etc. also included such entities as health and education centres, libraries, courts, etc.

In this way, to the requirements of accessibility to public portals, which were already implemented in Spain since the royal decree 1494/2007, are incorporated, accessibility requirements for mobile applications of the public sector so that all of them (old or new) should be accessible from 23 june 2021 .

The timing of the start of implementation seems far, however, shall take effect immediately not contemplating any derogation or transition period for those applications developed before that date. Therefore, to undertake post recodificaciones of mobile applications, it is recommended to start implementing, as soon as possible, the accessibility guidelines.

In this context, taking into account the requirements set out in the 301 549, has produced this document to help the developers/evaluators of mobile applications (apps) on accessibility. This guide is useful to both the public and all the business sector who works for public administrations.

To accompany the guide have been prepared with practical examples of a mobile app accessible by correcting any errors.

All materials are available in the new section on accessibility of mobile applications (apps).

The “ accessibility guide of mobile applications (apps) ” arises as a result of the collaboration of the university of Alcalá (UAH), ILUNION, IMSERSO-CEAPAT Observatory and the accessibility of the ministry of finance and Public service. In addition, it has benefited from the support of the Network of Cooperation on ESVI-AL Accessibility in education and Virtual Society and the community of Madrid.

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