PAe universities are beginning to become integrated into the electronic identification Cl@ve
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Universities are beginning to become integrated into the electronic identification Cl@ve

24 april 2017

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Universities, with the coordination and collaboration CRUE RedIRIS MINHAFP and have started their process of integration into the electronic identification system Cl@ve.

Universities CRUE Spanish Universities (Opens in new window) they have begun to integrate themselves into the system of electronic identification Cl@ve this is a great step forward in terms of simplifying access of everyone to the electronic procedures operated by the set of public universities, and a clear commitment to identification systems interoperable electronic headquarters of university.

Initially, have been integrated into Cl@ve 5 Universities in the first pilot phase: Universidad autónoma de Madrid (UAM) (Opens in new window) , University of Córdoba (UCO) (Opens in new window) , Universidad de Murcia (UM) (Opens in new window) , University of málaga (UMA) (Opens in new window) and University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) (Opens in new window) . From these first results, CRUE Spanish Universities promote, in the coming months, the gradual mainstreaming of the rest of Public universities. In Addition, CRUE has initiated additional work in 2017 to move towards integration with Cl@ve-Firma (Opens in new window) so as to ensure that any citizen can submit requests at university electronic signature processes undertaken in the cloud.

This project, which is led by the working group of E-government, security and audit Sectoral commission on information and communication technologies of CRUE (CRUE-TIC) (Opens in new window) it is a reality thanks to the close collaboration of CRUE, both with the Academic network spanish and research (RedIRIS) (Opens in new window) , financed by the ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness and managed by the public entity Red.es Registrar business, and that manages and operates the access gateway Cl@ve (Opens in new window) for universities; as with the ministry of finance and Public service. Additionally, it has also been participation Universitat Jaume I (UJI) (Opens in new window) for the development of the gateway to access, based on lessons learned in the projects STORK (Opens in new window) and STORK2 (Opens in new window) .

The integration of universities in this service is part a collaboration agreement between MINHAFP and CRUE Spanish Universities for the provision of basic solutions e-government, and made possible the participation of CRUE projects STORK2 STORK and above, the deployment of the first Node of interoperability of the Spanish University System (NISUE) (Opens in new window) for the assignment of academical data, or the active participation of universities in CRUE Sectoral committee E-government (Opens in new window) through its working groups in recent years.

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