PAe - CRUE published a map of E-government in spanish universities 2016
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CRUE publishes the map of the E-government in spanish universities 2016

24 october 2016


The conference of rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) has published the 2016 of map "E-government in spanish universities", recounting the degree of compliance with the law 11/2007, 39/2015 and 40/2015.

Under the auspices of CRUE Spanish Universities (Opens in new window) there has been "2016 of editing Map of the E-government in spanish universities (Opens in new window) ". Reflects the status of implementation of the now repealed law 11/2007 and 2015 and 39/40/2015 have recently come into force

That document, developed by the group of electronic administration of the sectoral commission CRUE ict, coincides with the entry into force of the majority of the provisions of laws 39/2015 Common administrative procedure of the public administrations and 40/2015 the legal regime of the public Sector. Combined with the cooperation agreement with the ministry of finance and public Administrations.

A Map reflects the status of implementation of the now repealed law 11/2007 and 2015 and 39/40/2015 have recently come into force. collect services offered, use of means of identification and signature, budgets and resources allocated, tools, platforms used both for headquarters and for enabling the main elements: authentication, signature, portafirmas, payment gateway, notifications, electronic documents, use the services and brokerage of data between administrations and integration with corporate applications.

That also includes a section that describes the most significant projects of universities, to a total of 79; development of standards for implementation of laws, as well as the state of implementation Technical Standards for interoperability to ensure the compatibility of files and documents between administrations avoiding the use of means more costly and less Cumbersome for broadcast and archiving.

According to their authors, this map, which covers legal, organizational and technological, contains information that each institution to develop their own plans, share knowledge with other universities with problems and similar applications and applications as reference and infrastructures that are already used by some of them.

The responses of 53 universities, as reflected in the spring of 2016, have given rise to the map. Among the 53, the overwhelming majority of those who, because they belong to the public sector, are obliged to compliance with the laws 39 and 40.

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