PAe - New Functional Guide to registration offices SIR
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New Functional Guide to registration offices SIR

27 july 2016

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This new guide is a functional distinctly. It is the need to give support and assistance to officials of the offices of registration and processing units to guide the proceedings to continue the tasks of digitization, exchange of electronic records and management of the role in registration offices interconnected through SIR. Does not change any of the current procedures SIR, simply describes in a language that is more akin to office personnel.

With the goal of establishing procedures and general recommendations for all users of Network system of registers (SIR) and of any of the registration applications compatible with SIR used in registration offices, streamlining and simplifying the understanding of the procedures of registration Offices SIR, has prepared this Guide.

It is published in the PAE, within the area of downloads of the solution SIR the new Functional Guide to record offices, SIR.

The need for this guide is reinforced after the adoption of law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the Public administrations. Equally, the development of this guide is part of the strategic objectives and lines of action included in the Digital Processing of the General state administration and its Agencies (Ict Strategy).

There are No changes in the current procedures SIR, but it is recommended for reading, since it will help consolidate and clarify concepts and procedures SIR necessary in the delivery/receipt of registration through the platform SIR.

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  • Infrastructure and common services