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Available new version @firma federated

18 february 2016

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The new version state, as well as new functionalities, means a technological modernization of the platform.

In the year 2015, the platform installation @firma serving SARA cloud, conducted more than 250 million validations of certificates and signatures. This has been possible because there are more than 750 production agencies and almost 1400 applications. The Platform allows the validation of certificates of 30 certification service providers: 25 national recognized by the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism and 5 international, making a total of more than 280 certificates. Therefore, it is a consolidated service declared, the shared service which the directorate of Information and communication technologies (DTIC) continuing to focus its efforts to improve and expand its functionality.

The platform @firma is offered in 2 use patterns, integration through web services against the installation of the platform in the cloud SARA and as a software to install by public authorities, the so-called the federal model Federated platforms. The recommended Only for Public Administrations whose high volume of validations make more efficient use of the continental locally, typically from validations 3 million per month.

This new attitude, made available to all public administrations a new version for those administrations involved in the updating of its continental @firma or in the installation of a platform @firma for itself (@firma federated version) which may apply to the support (Opens in new window) .
The new version 6.1 while incorporating new functionalities, represents a technological modernization. Please consult the changes relating to the previous version the project associated documentation .
Finally, there is one mailing list for use by federated platforms , afirma-mod-federado@listas-ctt.administracionelectronica.gob.es (Opens in new window) to enable them to comment on purposes and common problems they are not only supports @firma since, like previous versions of the platform, alternative databases, etc.

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  • Development of systems